The Louis Ross Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). Our Constitution is based on the Charity Commission’s recommended model governing documents (in this case, for a CIO whose only members are the trustees i.e. The Foundation Model Constitution).

Our charity’s governing document is a legal document and works as a rulebook, setting out:

  • Our charitable purposes (‘objects’)
  • What we can do to carry out our purposes (‘powers’)
  • Who runs us (‘trustees’) and who can be a member
  • How our trustee meetings will be held and how trustees are appointed
  • Rules about paying trustees, investments and holding land
  • Whether the trustees can change the governing document, including its charitable objects (‘amendment provisions’)
  • How to close the charity (‘dissolution provisions’)

Our objectives are listed on the Who We Help page of this website, with our Trustees listed here.

Please see attached the full Constitution. If you require any further information, please Contact Us.